SAP Functional Consultant - Financial Module

  • Posting Date: 07/07/2021
  • Ref: 200655
  • Position: SAP Functional Consultant - Financial Module
  • Location: Jordan
  • City: Amman
  • Sector: IT Services
  • Years of Experience 2-5 Years
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s degree in computer science or business administration/ Accounting / Management
  • Salary: 500-900JD
  • Description:
    ERP Consultant Job Description ERP Consultants are trained in enterprise resource planning (ERP), a business process management software that allows an organization to use integrated applications that automate many functions related to technology, services, and human resources, thus freeing up company manpower. The ERP Consultant provides support related to this function, developing and integrating the client’s relevant ideas and assisting in resource-planning decisions. The ERP Consultant’s primary goal is to ensure their ERP software runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, and develop and oversee solutions for any shortcomings. The ERP Consultant will assess the company’s business requirements and software needs for many areas, including employee training, business processes, and employee communication, and ensure that any new solutions devised are time-and-cost-effective. The ERP Consultant is also responsible for ensuring that all levels of the company are informed and collaborating effectively on the implementation of the process. General duties will include software analysis, working with technical teams, developing design specifications for programs and present plans of action to management. Any company with a significant intra-company technological system is likely to employ an ERP Consultant, and as such this is a fast-growing position.

    ERP Consultant Duties and Responsibilities

    The ERP Consultant will be primarily responsible for implementing and providing support for Enterprise Resource Planning systems for companies with significant online presences. The ERP Consultant will analyze the systems and work directly with clients and management to define system requirements, design and propose solutions, and configure the software. Customer Service The ERP Consultant will be responsible for meeting directly with customers and clients to find out their ERP-related needs. They will then incorporate these needs into a cohesive plan that serves the company’s full client pool.

    ERP Consultant Skills

    An ideal candidate for the ERP Consultant position will be a technical-minded person who is able to understand complex systems. They will be flexible and will need to be able to incorporate multiple perspectives and needs into a cohesive whole. A combination of people skills, technical ability and an eagerness to learn are needed. As the field evolves fast, the job changes frequently and requires a fast-thinking individual. In addition, some more specific skills are needed, such as those below.
    • Problem-Solving Skills– An ERP Consultant will be on call to handle any issues with the ERP Software. They will need to be able to think creatively and resolve problems to ensure the smoothest possible experience for users of the ERP software.
    • Teamwork and Leadership– The ERP consultant is responsible for coordinating the needs of each of the company’s divisions. They must be able to lead meetings to collect information and then unite these disparate visions into a cohesive whole for the entire company,
    • Communication and Presentation Skills– The ERP Consultant is responsible for presenting a full plan to management, as well as for teaching the ins and outs of the upgraded system to employees. As such, they will need strong communication skills to be able to get complex ideas across in an easy-to-understand fashion.

    ERP Consultant Educational Requirements

    • Minimum 3 years’ experience using ERP Systems
    • Preferable experience in ERP Implementation
    • A very good Accounting background
    • It will be a plus if the candidate has a work experience in manufacturing/production industries
    • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or business administration/ Accounting / Management


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