Marketing and Business Development Manager

  • Posting Date: 29/10/2021
  • Ref: 200684
  • Position: Marketing and Business Development Manager
  • Location: KSA
  • City: Jeddah
  • Sector: Automotive
  • Years of Experience 10 to 12 years of experience, 3 years in Saudi market and automotive industry
  • Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree in business related subject
  • Salary: SR 21- 26K + Variable
  • Description:
    Marketing and Business Development Manager Main Responsibilities:
    1- Developing Campaigns
    • Oversee all marketing campaigns, tracking their activities, and measuring its results.
    • Test new marketing methods, addresses gaps in current marketing campaigns.
    • Provide performance reports of marketing campaigns, and gains insight against company goals.
    • Maintain solid business relationships with consumer finance bodies to ensure regular campaigns are rolled out successfully.
    2- Social Media Analysis
    • Manage company social media accounts.
    • Develop strategies to drive traffic to company website.
    • Improve conversion rate for different online channels.
    • Design, build and maintain social media presence.
    3- Customer Communication
    • Evaluate customer research, market conditions and competitors data.
    • Manage ongoing communication and distribution of content via social media channels
    • Monitor Hotline/Chap pots incoming rates and report for any discrepancies.
    4- Brand Management
    • Create content for different brands.
    • Create annual marketing plan that identifies the activities to be implemented.
    • Develop annual marketing budget with a profit return on company`s investment.
    • Responsible for the brand management and corporate identity.
    • Manage the designing and producing of various promotional materials.
    6- Walk-in Routs Analysis
    • Analyze the Walk-in Routs (Increasing-decreasing) for company’s customers and developing its percentage and report its methodology and results.
    • Establish the standards on CRM program, monitor customer satisfaction, direct & follow up CRM program implementation by discussing results & reviewing program progress & customer satisfaction results.
    • Develop Accessories branding image and enhance its value by planning its marketing campaign internally and externally (to the customers).
    • Develop internal marketing campaigns to increase team awareness.
    7- Business Development:
    • Suggest new business channels.
    • Initiate business strategies for new regions and cities.
    • Bachelor’s Degree in business related subject
    • 10 to 12 years of experience
    • 3 years in Saudi market
    • 3 years in automotive industry.
    • Fluent in English.
    • Expert In social media new global trends.
    • Age between 30 to 36.
    • Microsoft skills (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

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