Assistant CEO / Deputy CEO

  • Posting Date: 01/06/2022
  • Ref: 9343
  • Position: Assistant CEO / Deputy CEO
  • Location: Jordan
  • City: Amman
  • Sector: Industrial & Power Sector
  • Years of Experience 15+
  • Qualification: Engineering Degree / Electrical
  • Salary: Undisclosed
  • Description:
    Position: Assistant CEO/ Deputy CEO
    • Responsibilities:
    • The Assistant CEO will work directly with the CEO to layout the General strategy of the company and ensure the proper management and implementation of the functional strategies from Marketing and development, Operation, Financial, Human Resources strategies and others. In addition to handling the commercial side of the business.
    • Strategy & Business Development
    • Provide assistance in setting company vision and strategic direction.
    • Identify and deliver on growth strategy according to the Board expectations.
    • Identify new opportunities of development and growth and transforming these opportunities for the company (ex: entering new markets, providing new services, entering into new agreements), and closing deals that have a strategic impact on the company.
    • Study market and financial opportunities, assessing the overall threats on the industry and the economy level, building on company strengths, and assessing the impact of weaknesses
    • Conclude new strategic deals for the company and following up on employees’ implementation of the new deals’ processes in the best way.
    • Ability to create a strong culture that reflects company values, mission and strategic direction.
    • Managing contracts and agreements and their risks:
    • Negotiation of strategic contracts and agreements with suppliers, providers, customers, governmental agencies, partners, …etc.
    • Review of bids and contracts and recommending any changes if needed before passing them to the CEO for final approval.
    • Assessing the possibility of challenges or threats in contracts, projects, agreements, and tenders and developing plans to deal with them.
    • Predicting the possibility of strategic risks that affect the company’s work, and discussing these risks with the work team, CEO and sometimes the board of directors, experts, partners, and other stakeholders to reach the best methods to avoid the occurrence of risks or reduce their impact.
    • Managing and following up the contracts/ projects and monitoring their performance, especially during early stages, the costs involved, the timelines, management of challenges, compensation claims, and contract termination guidelines (if any).
    • Ensures the attainment of company objectives through the continuous monitoring of performance utilizing different performance management methods.
    • Ensures smooth running of operations through planning, directing, and coordinating various aspects of the operations processes within the company.
    • Ensures the financial health of the company through:
    • Reading and understanding the financial statements that show the financial position of the company.
    • Monitoring projects’ funding all through the stages; including expenditures checking, costing versus budgets, banks loans, interest costs, payments from clients, payments to providers and suppliers and contractors, etc and keeping the CEO informed about any concerns or actions that need to be taken.
    • Coordinating with the Financial Manager over the general financial policies and procedures in addition to the financial position of the company, ex: Monitoring the budgeting and expenses analysis of the company, the cash flows, and future trends.
    • Managing the Company and supporting the team in the achievement of the operational aspects by:
    • Monitoring the overall performance across all functions, leading, and providing direction to the different teams mainly on Development and Commercial decisions.
    • Providing support to the work team, finding ways and means, and using the company’s partners and strategic relations to increase the chance of success in concluding contracts and completing lease terms.
    • Monitor and analyze metrics and implement initiatives to improve them with the team.
    • Keeping the Management (CEO) informed by:
    • Delivering status reports to the CEO and recommending any actions needed to sustain and improve the business.
    • Building Company Image by:
    • Building close partnerships with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Building connections and representing the company in the market, events, conferences, committees, …etc.
    • Minimum Requirements/ Qualifications:
    • Nationality: Jordanian
    • Job Related Experience:
    • Experience in the Energy Sector/ Renewable Energy is a plus.
    • Experience in Contracting and Construction.
    • 10+ years of managerial experience in mid to high level positions
    • Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical engineering, and / or related fields.
    • Objective-driven person with high ability to excel in a competitive environment.
    • Dynamic and a fast-paced professional who is vigilant and adaptive to changes.
    • Proven strategic thinking and management abilities.
    • Experience in managing complicated & high-profile projects.
    • Financial acumen and strong analytical skills.
    • Strong Communication abilities.
    • High Leadership skills with the ability to lead and manage diverse teams.
    • Strong problem solving and negotiations skills.

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