Fuel Yard Operations Shift Supervisor

  • Posting Date: 28/05/2019
  • Ref: AMCO-084
  • Position: Fuel Yard Operations Shift Supervisor
  • Location: Jordan
  • City: Attarat Um Ghudran
  • Sector: Industrial & Power Sector
  • Years of Experience 5+ Years
  • Qualification: Engineering Degree
  • Salary: Undisclosed
  • Description:

    The Fuel Yard Operations Supervisor (shift) will be reporting to the Fuel Yard Operations Superintendent. He will be responsible for supervising the Fuel Yard Operations and directs shift operators and employees of the Fuel Yard Operations as well as coordinates directly with necessary Power Plant operational staff in the shift in charge. Focus shall be to ensure continuous, reliable and safe production of oil shale (fuel) in order to secure high availability of the Power Plant. Shift supervisor will assist in the training and development of operators/employees. Duties and Responsibilities

    1. Supervise and follow up the Fuel Yard Operations as required by the power plant requirements and oil shale supply plans and instructions.
    2. Assist in staffing shift teams of the Fuel yard.
    3. Supervise 24/7 operations of Fuel yard.
    4. Supervise the safety of Fuel yard operations. Fuel yard Operations Supervisor is directly responsible for the all safety aspects of the Fuel yard Operations.
    5. Direct shift operators/employees of the Fuel yard Operations.
    6. Perform Fuel yard Operations by receiving the oil shale from the mine.
    7. Ensure the slope stability of the Fuel yard stockpiles.
    8. Ensure that production targets, schedules and priorities for the shift team are safely achieved. Follow the oil shale supply plan, dispatch orders and schedules with focus on safe working procedures and in order to meet quality and production targets.
    9. Supervise shifting and extending the conveyors as needed for operations from time to time.
    10. Supervise installations required for the Fuel Yard Equipment at Fuel Yard and required for conveyors in the mine.
    11. Work closely with maintenance teams in order to maintain high availability of the oil shale handling Equipment.
    12. Assign work orders for equipment maintenance purposes in the mine’s maintenance system Maximo.
    13. Provide and participate training for shift operator/technicians/employees.
    14. Provide input for daily shift reports and other reports as required from time to time.
    15. Follow operational and safety manual, handbook, instructions and guidelines for the FuelYard Operations. Comment documents when required as operations progresses.
    16. Ensure, that internal/external policies/guidelines, are always met.
    17. Ensure adherence to policies, standards, and procedures in Fuel Yard Operations and all related activities.
    18. Regularly tour and inspect the Fuel yard, oil shale conveyors and related equipment to identify any safety, environmental, production, equipment and personnel issue. Report any deviation or positive observation in the daily shift report.
    19. Ensure top tier performance of Fuel Yard operations and all related activities by ensuring all the relevant activities are performed according to plans and company policies, guidelines, manuals and standards.
    20. Arrange Oil Shale Sample collection as required from time to time.
    21. Deliver the Oil Shale Samples to the laboratory for analyses.
    22. Documentation of all Fuel Yard activities and informing immediately risks that can jeopardize operations, plans, schedule, budget, safety, business or events that can negatively influence other site operations such as mining, power plant, maintenance etc.
    23. Report immediately all impropriate behaviour or actions that can jeopardize safety, health or environment.
    24. Participate risk assessments and HSE investigations related to Fuel Yard Operations when required.
    25. Participate Fuel Yard Operations development projects as required from time to time.
    26. Perform other related project tasks as required and other related operational tasks as instructed by upper management from time to time.
    Minimum Qualification
    • BSc in Mining Engineering or relevant field with minimum 5 years of experience in mines or heavy industry operations.
    Specialized knowledge
    • Capability to write clear reports in order to track shift activities and production performance
    • Understanding of technical capabilities of crushers, conveyors, screens, stackers and reclaimers.
    • Understanding of preventive maintenance principles and top tier operating principles.
    • General mining equipment knowhow is an advantage.
    Skills & Abilities
    • English language skills (spoken and written).
    • Fluent in Arabic.
    • Good MS Office skills in Word, Outlook and Excel.
    • Understanding of technical drawings and typical technical symbols/characters
    • An ability to write clear reports.
    • Problem solving and analytical skills
    • Good interpersonal skills, energetic and able to work with team or independently and under pressure and to work outside official office hours when required by operations;
    • Strong technical skills
    • Excellent Teamworking skills
    • Good communication skills.
    • Good leadership skills. Minimum 3 years of experience in a supervisory role.

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