Boilers & AUX Engineer

  • Posting Date: 23/06/2019
  • Ref: OJF-003
  • Position: Boilers & AUX Engineer
  • Location: Jordan
  • City: Attarat
  • Sector: Industrial & Power Sector
  • Years of Experience 7+ Years
  • Qualification: Engineering Degree
  • Salary: Undisclosed
  • Description:
    The position holder to function as anEngineer of Boiler and Auxiliary Maintenanceand report toHeadBoilerMaintenancefor the management of maintenance within a defined area. This includes providing technical and managerial behaviour with the team members, superiors and subordinates. He must have thorough knowledge in managing spares inventory and mechanical maintenance of the highest standards of safety and good housekeeping.
    • Assisting in preparation of standard maintenance procedures (SMP), checklist (preventive maintenance and shutdown) and HIRA.
    • Assisting for proper planning of inventory and procurement of spares, consumables, tools (general, lifting, special) and ensuring that adequate spares, consumable and tools availability are in stock to support maintenance activities and meet critical emergencies.
    • Ground Inspection and certification of spares and materials received at warehouse. Clearing IRN(Inspection Release Note) for further processing.
    • Raise approval, generate Purchase Requisition of spares, consumables, stationaries, etc. required for maintenance jobs. Clearing of monthly AMC RABs, vendor bills, supplier invoices after verification.
    • Allocating day to day work to the technicians / contractors / working crew. Issuance of materials from warehouse well in advance, without disturbing the performance of the job.
    • Authorized in renewal of boiler certificates and forms of Boiler and Aux Boiler, clearances for safety valves, safety valve floating and other mountings.
    • Experience with maintenance of either of large capacity boilers and auxiliaries of configurations i.e. Super critical, Subcritical, two-pass, tower type, wall fired, tangentially fired and CFBC, HRSG(of higher capacity).
    • Must have knowledge Boiler Pressure Parts, tube design, tube metallurgy, welding electrodes for different materials, electrode composition, heating procedure, normalization ofBoilertube leakage.
    • Have at least > 7-9 years of experience in solid fuel fired Boiler and auxiliaries maintenance in > 150-200 MW capacity Power Generation units and out of 9 yrs. candidate should have worked as front-line engineer for minimum> 3years.
    • Fluent in English with oral and written communication skills.
    • Power Plant experince.
    • Solid Fuel Experience.
    • Boilers Experince.

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