Operations & Maintenance Coordinator

  • Posting Date: 24/10/2020
  • Ref: 9256
  • Position: Operations & Maintenance Coordinator
  • Location: Jordan
  • City: Amman
  • Sector: Industrial & Power Sector
  • Years of Experience 5+ Years
  • Qualification: Engineering Degree
  • Salary: Undisclosed
  • Description:
    • An O&M Coordinator is needed to join our team and support the company’s strategic growth. The ideal candidate will be excited about bringing clean energy solutions to businesses in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa. She/he will report to the SVP Operations with a dotted line to the Executive Manager in Jordan and will work closely with all the teams across the organization.
    • The O&M Coordinator will have therefore, the following main functions:
    1. Operational management of all PV Plants assigned to be under his/her responsibility
    2. Management of contractors providing O&M Services
    3. Ensure the achievement of the O&M activity requirements, in both Maintenance (preventive and corrective) and Operation
    • Requirements:
    • Supervise, plan and coordinate the maintenance operations for the different PV plants under his/her responsibility and in compliance with the O&M requirements.
    • Manage the O&M contracts, making sure all O&M obligations are fulfilled.
    • Support on the improvement of O&M contracts, based on his/her experience, contractors experience and on the market practice.
    • Manage and supervise all subcontractors and suppliers operating in the facilities.
    • Ensure that all works are compliant with the local legal regulations, international standards and best practices, as well as HSE requirements.
    • Ensure the maximum performance of the PV Plants under his/her responsibility.
    • Ensure a PV Plant downtime always below the guaranteed by the contractor.
    • Conduct a route cause analysis for problems in the PV Plants under his/her responsibility, directly with the Equipment Manufacturers, Technical Design Team and external Technical Advisors, to find solutions in the minimum time possible to reduce the PV Plant down time.
    • To get trained and certified as Equipment Technician by our main Equipment providers, in order to be authorized to repair the Equipment if necessary, in complete alignment with the Equipment provider.
    • Analyze the Spare Part List and adjust it according to the maintenance KPIs as MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures), MTTR (Mean Time to Repair), and lead times for equipment or parts replacement, in teamwork between us and the Equipment providers.
    • Make sure the Meteorological Stations are always providing accurate and reliable data, to be taken as a reference for the Performance measurements of the PV Plants.
    • Is responsible for the internal reporting of the performance for all the PV plants under his/her responsibility and any events impacting the same.
    • Work proactively with the Operations Team to provide revamping solutions for the PV Plants under his/her responsibility.
    • Work with the Technical Design Team, providing important feedback on equipment performance and reliability as well as lessons learned from the actual operation.
    • Work closely with Customer Care Team, to understand which are our requirements to the client and to ensure we comply with them all.
    • Support our Customer Care Team in getting the information they need to reply to complaints or any query raised by the clients.
    • Meet the operational budget of the PV Plants, if applicable.

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