Tips for 2017 ( 4 points to consider if you lose your job )

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In 2016 Many companies started restructuring and downsizing its workforce, since I started my career as a headhunter back in 2005 I can say that 2016 was the Year of highest number of managers searching for new jobs, some good number of them were laid off unfortunately. In 2017 I anticipate continuation of the lay off wave, this may sound obvious, however, I thought of addressing some points that could help the managers on (how to think) while searching for a new job :

1-Anticipate a Salary Cut
Specially if you are in a senior manager position , my opinion salaries could drop by 20 to 30% during 2017 . So if you are between jobs you need to be flexible about your salary expectations, it is an employer market now.

2-Time needed for a good job
It varies based on seniority level , for example CFOs could take 6 months to one year ! , Finance managers around 3 months. If you are in a senior position be patient, an old saying (one month for each thousand dollars) , so if you are seeking a job with a salary of $ 8000 a month, then your search may take up to 8 months.

3-Safety margin (buffer zone)
The message here is you need to have a safety margin, focus on your savings , put this as a high priority, read the book ( All Your Worth by Amelia Warren Tyagi ) with the advice of saving at least 20% of your income, we have heard of senior people who did not have saving to cover 3 months of their expenses, and unfortunately they got laid off, and had to borrow to keep on going.

You need to think differently, be flexible to relocate to another country and to join a family business, Over two thirds of private business in Middle East is family based business, some candidates insist on joining only multinational companies, this is a great option if found but the reality is different. In Saudi Arabia over 90% of businesses are family owned, so master change management and be flexible to succeed in family based business.

Last word , keep going. و في السماء رزقكم وما توعدون


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