Tough Decisions

Aroma city Group

11 years ago in Year 2006 a friend of mine decided to resign although he did not have an alternative job, he was a highly paid finance manager although he was only 31 years old, he also had a family and a lot of obligations. The reason for leaving was rejecting to commit an UNETHICAL practice that the CEO was trying to impose. later on he got a better job and moved on in his career, then the country he was living in got into war, he had to leave to another country. I saw him lately in 2017 , he now has a great stable job with a great company in UAE, he managed to help his company in turning around the bottom line from loss to profit, you can not imagine how easy he gets a job whenever he needs one now!  He got a credit in 2006 that will open doors to him all his life. Business Ethics are not taught in books only, it is taught inside each one of us, when the test comes true ethical values reveal, always decide on what will make you proud to tell to your children or beloved ones  one day.

Jamal Abdul Jalil 
Managing Partner 

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