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Finance Director/Business Consultant CMA, CSCA-(Anonymous)
General Manager (Anonymous)
Senior Auditor/Business Consultant-(Anonymous)
Chief Financial Officer, CCFO, CertIFR, CPA, MFP - (Anonymous)
Head of Financial Control, CMA - (Anonymous)
CFO/Financial Consultant, MSc, CPA, CMA, FMVA - (Anonymous)
Finance Manager, CMA, CPA, CTP - (Anonymous)
Financial Manager, MBA - (Anonymous)
Eyas Al Bakri - Operations Manger
Dimitris Papadopoulos - Chief Financial Officer
Abdelhamed Khorshid - Finance Manager
Content Writer & Translator - (Anonymous)
Financial Controller - (Anonymous)
Azzam Trad - General Manager
Raed Aburajab - Accounting Manager/Financial Consultant
Hani Salah - Senior Procurement Officer
Amjad Alawneh - Chief Financial Officer
Mohammad-Henidi Allazkani - Finance Manager
Yousef Al Zain - Financial Controller/Risk Manager
Osama Younis - Finance Manager
Amjad Qasem - Finance Director
Dr. Khaled Diab - Humanitarian & Resilience Senior Advisor
Dr. Marwan Bekawi - Senior Medical Technologist
Eng. Saad Qandeel - Project Manager
Senior IT Manager - (Anonymous)
Rula Al Khatib, CMA - Finance Operations Lead
Mohsen Hamdan - Group Strategy & Transformation Director
Muhammad Muath Al Akash - Financial Controller
Head of Financial Advisory - (Anonymous)
Mohammad T. Al Majali - HR GM
Chief Financial Officer - (Anonymous)
Group CFO, CPA - (Anonymous)
Murad Naylee - Finance Manager
Chief Financial Officer, CMA - (Anonymous)
Ahmad Alqirem - Chief Accountant
Senior Tax Consultant, CPA - (Anonymous)
Head Of Internal Audit - (Anonymous)
Yazan Haddadin - General Manager
Mohammed Smadi - Regional HR Director
Nader Alabbasi - ERP Director
Head of Finance - (Anonymous)
Zaid Al Asa'd - Planning Supervisor
Sara Abu Hejleh - Chief Accountant
Regional HR Manager - (Anonymous)
Alaa A. Mahmoud - Group Finance Manager
Eyad Liswi - Senior System Analyst
Abdullah Hammouri - Senior Accountant
CEO - (Anonymous)
Ahmed M. Samaha - Internal Audit Director
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Frequently Asked Questions
Are Aroma city group consultants qualified in my field and industry?

Our professional and prompt consultants and proofreaders are specialized in diverse fields and well-versed in your profession.   Knowledge of your industry is taken into consideration hence; detail-oriented consultants and proofreaders are assigned accordingly.

Does Aroma city group have a speed delivery?

Yes, we have a 24-48 hours delivery from Sunday through Thursday (within our working hours). 

Does Aroma city group guarantee a job for me?

Aroma city group doesn’t guarantee someone a job offer. However, we can assure you that your investment is a good one and that your CV will get noticed by more potential employers.

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